Meet us at the top of the mountain

Rejoins-nous en haut de la montagne


Madame Kay (@MmeKay) was born in Paris, France from the realization that it took at least 3 men, Fred (voice-guitar), Jeremie ( guitar) and Jonas (drums) to barely adequately fill up the shoes of one woman.

After five years touring the Parisian underground scene as Omni, Madame Kay (@MmeKay) signs her first deal with Sony BMG France and releases her debut album “Le choix de la rédaction” (Editor’s Choice) on March 29, 2006. Following the debut album, a two-month TV show named “Les dessous de Madame Kay” (What Lies Behind Madame Kay) was broadcasted on the French channel NRJ 12. Two singles were subsequently released with a music video, “Pourquoi tu pleures ?” (Why Do You Cry?) and “Plaisirs Solitaires” (Single-handed Pleasure). A third music video was made as a bonus of the band’s cover of Lara Fabian’s pop hit “Je t’aime”.

The second album was abruptly put on hold following Fred’s departure to the US in August 2009, when Madame Kay (@Mme Kay) went on a hiatus as well. Fred continued to explore new territory with his New-York band The Johnny Pumps (@thejohnnypumps) while continuing to jot down riffs, lyrics and ideas for Madame’s big return. Although she might have gotten shy during the last decade, she’s finally ready for a big release.